primality test

primality test
проверка простоты числа.

English-Russian cryptological dictionary . 2014.

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  • Primality test — A primality test is an algorithm for determining whether an input number is prime. Amongst other fields of mathematics, it is used for cryptography. Unlike integer factorization, primality tests do not generally give prime factors, only stating… …   Wikipedia

  • Miller–Rabin primality test — The Miller–Rabin primality test or Rabin–Miller primality test is a primality test: an algorithm which determines whether a given number is prime, similar to the Fermat primality test and the Solovay–Strassen primality test. Its original version …   Wikipedia

  • AKS primality test — The AKS primality test (also known as Agrawal–Kayal–Saxena primality test and cyclotomic AKS test) is a deterministic primality proving algorithm created and published by three Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur computer scientists, Manindra… …   Wikipedia

  • Fermat primality test — The Fermat primality test is a probabilistic test to determine if a number is probably prime. ConceptFermat s little theorem states that if p is prime and 1 le a < p, then :a^{p 1} equiv 1 pmod{p}If we want to test if p is prime, then we can pick …   Wikipedia

  • Solovay–Strassen primality test — The Solovay–Strassen primality test, developed by Robert M. Solovay and Volker Strassen, is a probabilistic test to determine if a number is composite or probably prime. It has been largely superseded by the Miller–Rabin primality test, but has… …   Wikipedia

  • Baillie-PSW primality test — In number theory, the Baillie PSW primality test is a probabilistic primality testing heuristic: it determines if a number is composite or a probable prime.The authors of the test offered $30 for the discovery of a composite number that passed… …   Wikipedia

  • Adleman–Pomerance–Rumely primality test — The Adleman–Pomerance–Rumely primality test (APR) is a deterministic algorithm that tests if a positive integer is prime. It is named after its discoverers, Leonard Adleman, Carl Pomerance, and Robert Rumely.It was later improved by Henri Cohen… …   Wikipedia

  • Primality certificate — In mathematics and computer science, a primality certificate or primality proof is a succinct, formal proof that a number is prime. Primality certificates allow the primality of a number to be rapidly checked without having to run an expensive or …   Wikipedia

  • Test de primalidad — El 39º número primo de Mersenne era el mayor conocido hasta la fecha de creación de este artículo. La cuestión de la determinación de si un número n …   Wikipedia Español

  • Test suite — In software development, a test suite, less commonly known as a validation suite , is a collection of test cases that are intended to be used to test a software program to show that it has some specified set of behaviours. A test suite often… …   Wikipedia

  • Test de primalidad AKS — El test de primalidad AKS o algoritmo AKS es un algoritmo determinista que decide en tiempo polinómico si un número natural es primo o compuesto. Fue diseñado por los científicos de computación Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal y Nitin Saxena del… …   Wikipedia Español

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